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Monday, 13 May 2013

It's a new week, and I pray that all those special mom's out there had a fab MOTHERS DAY, I know I did.  After being totally spoil by my 2 girls I took Shannon through to the FNB Stadium to stand in line for ...... you guest it JUSTIN BIEBER....and the later that day, the most amazing DADDY ever took Tyler together with Tiffy & two friends too. 

They had a blast....absolute blast. 

Amber & I have decided to design ANOTHER JUSTIN BIEBER page now which will be done on pre-order basis ....WATCH THIS SPACE....

I have 2 kits coming out soon .... watch this space.


  1. Love the rolls of ribbon you now have for your background. Glad you had a fab Mother's day too.

  2. Thanks Bella, I would love the ribbons to be rotated so you can see all of them but I couldnt get that right. Tks for visiting. xoxo