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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Kits Available

Morning to all, I just can't believe that I can't get enough time to post on my makes me very sad :-(

It's a hectic time of the year for everyone, especially mom's with children prepping for year end exams and last minute projects etc...

So mom why not have some time out for yourselves....Here is a few of my kits that are still available at one or two shops....qty and availability needs to be checked with the stores themselves but if you want them hurry and get one, then time for U to sit and relax and do a bit of scrapping even if it is when the little ones are asleep.

{Just remember, don't let a heading hold you back, that is something that is often personal and a lot of the time the heading can be changed to suit yourselves}

Stores that have stock:

Scrap & Chat - 083 556 2796 "Chris"

* One Memory at a time
* Magic time overseas
* Life Memories
* Documented
* Family
* All things grow with love

Your Scrapping Shop Online - - 0832728942 "Ingrid"

* Magic time overseas
* Important handle with care
* Special Blend of friendship
* Documented
* Family
One Memory at a time by Liane Van Harn

Magic time overseas by Liane Van Harn

Life Memories by Liane Van Harn

[Documented] by Liane Van Harn

All things grow with love by Michelle Van Wyk - packed by Amber Van Niekerk

Family by Amber Van Niekerk (with the help of Liane Van Harn) - The Camera lens moves to change the photo (Interactive layout)

Important handle with care by Liane Van Harn

Special blend of friendship by Liane Van Harn

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