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Wednesday, 18 January 2017


Have you seen an image that you just want to print & then cut out without having to pick up scissors & fussy cut...well with the Silhouette Print & Cut feature, you can do just that in a few easy steps:

Step 1:-  

Open up your Silhouette programe & go to the icon along the top right that is highlighted in blue (if you hold your mouse over it a pop up window will open & it will read "Open the design page settings window".

In this window on the right hand side it will say "Automatic Cameo", if you click on the down arrow, a pop up window will open and then find "A4" & select this.

You will now notice that your page size will change to the image below.  You can choose either "Portrait" or "Landscape" by selecting either or as per the highlight blue "Portrait" setting on the right, as in my case below.

Step 2:-

Now go to the icon in the top right hand side that is a "rectangle with 4 black right angles in the corner", if you hold your mouse over it it will tell you "Open the registration marks window"

Once the "Registration marks" window opens up, click on the down arrow by the "Style" which will initially be "OFF", change that to "Type 1, cameo, portrait, curio" if it's one of those machines that you have.

You will now notice that your page will change as per the picture below.  You will notice that on your screen you have a black square in the top left hand side and a right angle black marking in the top right & bottom left.  You will also notice a low lighted grid area that runs along the top and in the bottom left hand corner.  The images that you want to print & cut must not overlap this grid area or the red line line that is shown below otherwise you could end up with your images not cutting correctly.

Step 3:-

Find the images that you would like to cut on your computer or in your library and size them to the size you want.

You will see that I have not gone over the red line or in the grid area.

NOTE:- If your images DON'T have cut lines around them, you will need to trace the images and create cut lines.  I will be covering "Tracing" in a few weeks time, in the mean time you can download the file with trace lines by clicking on the link below.

Step 4:-

Now click on the printer icon in the top left hand corner or go to "File > print" & print your design on the printer that you have linked to your Silhouette Machine.  With my printer I need to make sure that it will print "Borderless" otherwise the "right angle black line" in the bottom left hand corner doesn't print properly and this will cause an issue with your Silhouette machine when it needs to read the registration marks.

 Step 5:-

Now that it has printed, I have stuck the printed sheet to my cutting mat.  You need to make sure that if your software is set to potrait you need to stick it on the mat the same way, otherwise you will end up with errors and it won't cut properly or at all.

Now load the mat into your machine & then send to Silhouette, change your blade settings according to what material you are cutting.

You will notice your machine will read the black square in the top left hand corner as well as the 2 right angles in the top right & bottom left hand corner, only then will it start cutting the files.

 Step 6:- 

Once your machine has finished cutting the files, you can now remove the cut images from your cutting mat using a spatula, being careful not to tear your cut files.

Now you are ready to turn this into a Scrapbooking masterpiece.

The images I used for this sample I found online at:-

To purchase additional files that will match the free images I used click on the link below:- 

Until next week