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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Oh my word, I can't believe it how time is flying....I am excited to say that Amber & I have some exciting kits coming outs soon
*  On a roll - Hamster kit
*  Tooth Fairy - Boy & Girl
*  Read me a story - Cat in the Hat

and then to top it all, I am in  the process of putting a boy kit together {totally out of my comfort zone, but hey it totally awesome to scrap my amazing hubby sometimes too}.

Then incase you thought I was doing nothing else, I have a beach page class that I am preparing for next pray I find enough hours in the day between now and next week.


Yours in scrapping

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  1. Soooo inspiring and fresh. My child has just introduced me to G+ so I am going to add you to my "following" circle. I don't want to miss anything happening here.