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Saturday, 19 October 2013

Scrapbook Challenge - Loving this time Abroad {Using Teresa Collins Memorabilia range)

Good morning all you amazing ladies,

I thought I would put out a challenge this morning.  I was inspired by Michelle Van Wyk on a layout she did using my original layout for inspiration.  I was amazed how one layout can change into something different yet so inspiring so I thought I would share my notes on my layout with you and all I ask in return is that you share it with me on Facebook so that we can all be inspired by the changes....

My original layout was created using Teresa Collins paper (I have to admit that Teresa Collins is my favourite range of paper, and I was so blessed to have met her while in SA, so this Challenge means that much more to me).

Products used in this layout: Teresa Collins Memorabilia range, Prima Flowers, Celebr8 Chipboard letters, American Crafts Cardstock, Bazzill Dot & Coredinations cardstock

Love this time abroad using Teresa Collins Memorabilia range of paper & Sketch from Let's Scrap

PATTERN PAPER: Memorabilia
c    2 x Frames
c    1 x Snippets
c    1 x Labels
c    ½ x Recorded
c    1/3 x Chalkboard
c    1 x Bazzill Dot Black
c    1 x Coredinations – Vienna Lake
c    1 x Kraft Core no 6

c    Sanding block
c    General tools
c    Stapler
c    Glossy Accents & Mono Glue
c    Scoring board or blade
c    1 x Chipboard pieces 12x12
c    1 x Prima Flowers
c     4 ½ x 6 ½ inch x 1
c    3 x 3 ½ inch x 1
c    3 ½ x 5 ½ inch x 1
c    3 ½ x 5 ½ inch x 2
c    2 ½ x 2 ½ inch x 1
c    3 x 5 ½ inch x 1
c    3 ½ x 5 ½ inch x 2

All measurements are width x height

PATTERN PAPER 1 - Frames (turquoise side)
c    Background Pages
PATTERN PAPER 2 - Chalkboard (yellow spot)
c    1 x 12 inch x 4
PATTERN PAPER 3 – Recorded (Black with white circles overlapping
c    4 x 6 inch x 3
c    3 ½ x 7 inch x 1 (Score ½ from the top) & cut a tab out the bottom right side.  Use template provided.
c    Cut various words and arrows (Priority, good times, best memory, black & yellow arrow, photo) are the words I chose.

PATTERN PAPER 5 -  Snippets
c    5 x 8 inch x 2 (Cut into tags)
c    4 x 5 ¼” x 1 (Cut into a tag)
c    Cover chipboard letters “ABROAD”
CARDSTOCK 1 (Black dot)
c    6 x 12 inch x 2
CARDSTOCK 2 (Turquoise Coredinations)
c    5 ½ x 7 ½ inch x 1
c    4 x 6 inch x 1 (Score ½ inch from the top and cut a tab out the bottom using the template provided)
c    3 x 3 inch x 1
c    Tabs x 3 using template provided
CARDSTOCK 3 (Kraft Core no 6 – yellow)
c    5 x 7 inch x 1
c    4 x 6 inch x 2
c    3 ½ x 4 inch x 1

1.       Use the Frames patterned paper as your background.  I always join the two background pieces together so the left and right hand side of the page line up.
2.       Stick one of the yellow dot strips (1 x 12”) approx 2” from the bottom of the layout, running from the left to the right.
3.       Now stick the black dot paper directly above it so they the touch.
4.       Now stick the 2nd strip of yellow dot directly above the black dot cardstock so they touch.
5.       Stick the yellow cardstock (5x7”) on top of the turquoise cardstock (5 ½ x 7 ½”) – MAKE SURE YOU ONLY USE TAPE ON THE LEFT, BOTTOM & RIGHT HAND SIDE AS THIS IS A POCKET FOR A TAG
6.       Stick the matted yellow and turquoise photo matt at a slight angle on top of the black dot cardstock overlapping the yellow dot at the top.
7.       Staple the arrow word “BEST MEMORY” at the bottom left of the photo matt & stick a chipboard tab with yellow dots at the bottom right hand side of this photo matt.
8.       Stick the chipboard word “DOCUMENT” on the one turquoise tab and stick this at the back of the 4 x 6” black and white paper on the right hand side at the top.  Now stick this in the middle flush with the right hand side of the left hand side.
9.       Cut the Chipboard border in half length ways so that you can create a border at the bottom along the left and right hand page.  USE A SHARP CRAFT KNIFE AND METAL RULER.
10.   Once you have cut this in half use the one half and stick this flush with the bottom of the yellow dot paper at the bottom of the page.
11.   Now stick the vine of flowers starting with the coil in the bottom left hand corner, I cut the flower and leaves at the top of the vine off, so I could stick the chipboard wording “LOVE THIS TIME” on the vine so it adds height and then stuck the flower and leaves I cut off coming out of the wording to the right.
12.   Stick a chipboard tab at the top of the smaller tag in the middle and stick the yellow cardstock that measures 3 ½ x 4” on top of the tag.  This is tucked in at the top of the large photo matt.
13.   Now stick the flags across the top, starting by just overlapping on the top right hand corner of the large photo matt, going over to the top right hand corner of the left hand page.  Now stick the black string along the top of the flags using glossy accents to finish off the flags.

1.       Stick the chipboard word “CAPTURED” & “REMEMBER” to the turquoise tabs – These tabs are tucked in behind the top of the black dot paper and go on top of the yellow dot paper.  The tab with the word “CAPTURED” is stuck flush with the left hand side and the tab with the word “REMEMBER” is stuck next to the 1st tab leaving a slight gap in between.  (OR YOU CAN CUT THE TABS DOWN AND STICK IT FLUSH AFTER YOU HAVE CREATED THE POCKET – WHAT EVER YOU FIND EASIER)
2.       With the right hand page, although the yellow dot patterned paper & black dot cardstock line up with the left hand page this side is a pocket for the two large tags, so you need stick all the pieces together using tape at the back to create the pocket (or optional extra use a spare piece of cardstock you have at home, by sticking all the pieces to a piece of cardstock then trimming off the excess).  When you stick these pieces to your background paper, make sure you only have tape on the left, right and bottom, as well as one piece in the centre @ 6” so that this large pocket is divided into two so that your large tags are separated.
3.       Now that your pocket has been created using the yellow dot at the top, black dot in the middle and the 2nd yellow dot strip at the bottom with your two tabs with the words “CAPTURED” & “REMEMBER” we can move onto step 4.
4.       Stick the black & white patterned paper +- ¼” from the right hand side of the page making sure that this lines up with the piece stuck on the left hand side of the layout, then stick the last of the black & white patterned papers +- ¼” from the 1st piece stuck, making sure that you only use tape on the left, bottom and right hand side of the 2nd piece as you have to tuck the patterned paper with all the words {Labels} in at the top to create a flap, with the section that you scored going behind this & the tab at the bottom.
5.       Now stick the turquoise square towards the top of the flap and stick the chipboard balloon at the bottom left hand side of the flap.
6.       Stick the covered chipboard “ABROAD” on the black cardstock as per the original layout.  I stuck a black arrow I cut out on top of the “B” and I stuck the chipboard moustache in the middle of the 2nd “A”.
7.       Staple the cut out words “Priority” & Good Times” flush with the bottom left hand side of the right page.
8.       The large tags get tucked in the pockets…. Lets decorate the tags now.
9.       1st of the large tags, stick the chipboard tab in the middle at the top. 
10.   Stick the yellow photo mat in the bottom left hand corner, leaving a small gap on the left and bottom of the tag.  Now raise the chipboard rectangle with the wording “Always be ready to have the time of your life” in the bottom right hand corner.
11.   Lastly stick the chipboard word “Photo” above the yellow photo mat on the left hand side leaving a slight gap between the photo mat and the chipboard word.
12.   2nd of the large tags, stick the chipboard tab in the middle at the top.
13.   Stick the turquoise blue cardstock flap along the folded scored section +- 6 ¼” from the bottom.
14.   Now stick the last of the yellow cardstock photo mats under the flap in the left hand corner of the tag, leaving an even border on the left and bottom.
15.   Staple the cut out word “Photo” and “yellow arrow” to the turquoise flap at the bottom left of the flap.
16.   Last y stick the chipboard word “LOOK” above the yellow photo mat as you did with the 1st tag and the chipboard word “PHOTO”.


Please share your master creations by loading the layout to the


  1. I am in for the challenge! Though will make my own paper and embellies.

  2. I am done! Now to upload to my blog and Facebook!

    1. Yay I can't wait to see...I'm pretty excited. Xoxo